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Regular Maintenance prevents costly unexpected expenses and these tips are FREE!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

The cost of maintaining our vehicles by servicing and tuning them to ensure they deliver the best fuel economy and maintain their value and reliability is extremely critical.

So why are many of us abusing our second highest investment and pouring hard earned cash into a leaking well? Simply put, many of us are only noiw having to deal with the financial burden that a worldwide recession is creating.

There are 6 ways that we can protect and save ourselves the sleepless nights and unnecessary expenses related to our vehicles. This does not only apply to motor cars - all mechanical forms of transport need similar love and attention and it doesn't cost a Cent.

So do a spot check of your vehicle and if you feel there might be something about to break or cause issues, pick up the phone and call Carpro on 011 478 3465 for some friendly advice or to book a service. We maintain and service all makes and models at competitive prices and we have earned our 4 star RMI rating which is not handed out to simply anyone.

We are proud of our reputation and care for students and elderly members of our community who might not be able to afford a Maintenance plan.

And you dont have to wear a mask if you dont want to - we still might just to protect you.

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