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Grading Certificate - Carpro Service Cen

At Carpro we pride ourselves on providing a Maintenance program designed to suit each and every vehicle's owner's needs.

About Car Servicing


Getting your car serviced each year and maintaining it between services is money well spent. Problems are likely to be caught early on when they’re cheaper to fix, and your car will have a better resale value and longer life. A well-maintained car is also more efficient, so you’ll save money on fuel as well.

If you are not sure if your car needs a service, check your log book which should provide details of service intervals and past service history.


About car repairs

As well as car servicing, Carpro is able to provide assistance by performing high quality repairs for those unforeseen problems. Thanks to the latest training and diagnostic equipment available we can find the causes of faults and provide solutions whilst keeping customers informed every step of the way.

If you notice something wrong with your car the best piece of advice we can give is to get it seen to as soon as possible. Pay attention to how your car sounds, drives and more importantly the warning lights on the dash.

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From TLC for an ageing runabout or an inexpensive student set of wheels, to the most popular vehicle brands that need to be kept in peak running order and roadworthy condition. You and your loved ones' lives depend on trustworthy service and advice.

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